The Aegre Voyage – Notes on Chpt.8: Scourie to Madeira, the yahl gets 2nd plank and another curragh video

Notes for Chapter 8 of The Voyage of The Aegre are now up. This chapter tells of our first passage (1,800 miles, 34 days) from Scotland to Madeira, how we settled into living on the boat, sailing 24 hours a day with the relentless bad weather for the first few weeks, and navigating to Madeira, 440 miles west of Morocco.

Off at last
The Aegre sailing out of Scourie Bay 24 July 1973

In the Chapter Notes, I expand on the following:

  • Our departure from the Outer Hebrides;
  • The mystery of the Flannan light;
  • Saying farewell to St Kilda;
  • The bold decision: the off-shore course;
  • Coping with heavy weather;
  • Photos not in the book;
  • Our initial navigation with no sun or stars;
  • Our approach course to Funchal, Madeira.

Also new on the website:

Update on the Yohl inspired by The Aegre being built in Glasgow

Peter Matheson and his team at Clydeside Traditional Boatbuilders have added the second plank. See video and photos sent by volunteer boatbuilder Sandy MacDonald.

Wooden boat being built
The 2nd plank is fitted

2nd video of Ireland to Iona curragh voyage

Another video featuring the re-enactment of the 563 AD St Columba Curragh voyage from Northern Ireland to Iona was recently found by my website co-researcher Gene Carl Feldman. The voyage, instigated by my Uncle Jack (below) in 1963, was one of the early inspirations to me to go sailing. I created a page on this website about the curragh voyage and have added a link to the new video (towards the end of the page). The first half of the video is an introduction to St Columba. Film of the 1963 re-enactment of the voyage is from about 19 minutes on.

Canon John Barry
My Uncle Jack Canon John Barry in 1963 went to sea in a boat with a calico skin

Not got the book?

Book Cover
The Voyage of The Aegre

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