The Aegre Voyage: Notes on Chapter 9: Madeira sunshine

Notes on Chapter 9 of The Voyage of The Aegre are now available on The Aegre voyage website.

Chapter 9 is about our seven-week stay in Madeira in mid-1973, during which we waited for the optimal seasonal winds for our trans-Atlantic passage. The Notes include a then-and-now look at Funchal Harbour, more on some of the yachts and people we met there, photos of our haul out to raise the waterline, and a day sail with the Ridgways to swim in water 2.5 miles deep.

Boat being repainted
The Aegre ashore in Funchal where I raised the waterline

The Aegre Voyage: Chapter 9 Notes.

Meanwhile, in Glasgow, Peter Matheson and his team continue building the yahl inspired by The Aegre. They’ve completed the third plank and are working on the fourth. See the boat build inspired by The Aegre.

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