The Aegre Guestbook

Visitors to The Aegre

Unexpectedly, on our arrival in Madeira and from then on, we had many visitors to The Aegre. We quickly bought a photo album to carry the pictures of The Aegre being built and then decked, and our preparations on the northwest coast of Scotland to show our visitors. But then, with no visitor book, we asked people to sign inside the front cover of the photo album, then the back; then we had to add more pages.

Amazingly, the album largely survived the capsize, but most of the photos in it were substantially damaged. However, the covers and the pages we’d used as our Guestbook fared better and are reproduced below. Click on each image to enlarge. Sorry, water damage has made some names hard to read, but many are listed below.

Look carefully and you’ll find the following:

  • Page 1
  • Michael, Juge, Tone and Peter, and Nini the dog, aboard ‘Mary’, Madeira & St Vincent
  • Andy & Amy aboard SS Marluva, (Hiva Oa and Tahiti)
  • Lt Jim Merriam, HMCS Assiniboine, St Vincent, BWI, 6 February, 1974,
  • Tom de Roos, HMCS Assiniboine, St Vincent, BWI, 6 February, 1974,
  • Dave & Suzanne Alf… aboard Dove (2?) Jan 2 1974 (Barbados?)
  • David and Anne Harris, Lute Song II, Bequia & Panama, 3 March 1974
  • Jon Van Tamelen, Ring Anderson, St Vincent
  • Page 2
  • Alex Bell, Alsanol II, 7 January 1974, St Georges, Grenada, WI
  • Nancy & Jack Jensen, Satori, Atuona, Marquesas, 24 May 1974
  • Tom Blackwell, Islander, 28 May 1974, Taiohae Bay, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas (visitor #100)
  • Tom and Jerrie, Junk, Atuona, Hiva Oa, May 1974
  • Frank & Jeff Clarkson, Pile Cap, Taiohae Bay, Nuku Hiva
  • Bob & Clair Jones, of Varua, Bobbes etc, Punauia, Tahiti
  • Jerry & Ev, Puffin, Papeete, Tahiti, 21 June 1974
  • Dominique Charnay, Tahiti, 17 June 1974
  • Robert & Janet Vornz, Balbao Canal Zone,
  • Andrew and Amy Burnes, Marluva
  • Page 3
  • Gordon & Anabel Yates, Amobel, Barbados
  • Penny, John, Robin, Graham & Peter Evans, of Kim, ex Ridona III
  • Pierre Rothe, Tahiti
  • Charlotte & Walt Robinson of Zeelandia
  • John & Frannie Everton, Pole Star, St Georges, Grenada
  • Shane Acton, Super Shrimp, Carlisle Bay, Barbados
  • Chris & Sanda Packer, Southern Yeoman,
  • Morgan B MacDonald… Pied Piper, Grenada WI
  • Page 4
  • Alain Colas, Punaauia, Tahiti
  • Captain Kikuchi
  • Page 5
  • Sharon Nichols & Bob Oppenheimer, the American influence on the Kiwi yacht Restless, Tahiti
  • Julie Allen, Restless (NZ) Tahiti
  • Tim Beattie, Restless (NZ) Tahiti
  • John & Helen Anderson, Yacht Kyon (of Glasgow) in Tahiti
  • Dan & Betty Tinius, Oceania, Papeete, 19 July 1974
  • Jim King & Wendy Smith, Tahia, Tahiti, 21 June 1974
  • Brigitte, Siegfried, Hans (8) & Mark (7), yacht Avilion II, Tahiti
  • Heino & Brigitte Sass, Yacht Brisa, Madeira, Barbados, Panama, etc
  • Dave & Diane …, Volunteer, Tahiti

Can you identify more?

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