What’s in the book ‘The Voyage of The Aegre’?

The book is all about the origin of the idea for the voyage, the boat, the preparation and setbacks, and what it was like to sail such a little boat with a traditional rig, from Scotland to the South Pacific. But more than that the author details how they coped with being capsized and dismasted mid-ocean, the jury rig they created, and how they ultimately navigated to land following the loss of their sextant.

Read all about:

  • Where the idea for the voyage came from
  • Why we wanted to do it
  • How we earned the money
  • Why we chose a small Shetland boat
  • The modifications we made to the previously open boat
  • Why we kept the standing lug rig
  • Why we didn’t have an engine
  • How we carried enough food and water for long ocean passages
  • The sea trials we undertook before departing
  • How we set up the boat to steer herself for weeks at a time
  • Why we didn’t have a radio or life raft
  • How we navigated (long before GPS was available)
  • How we prepared hot food in the worst of weather
  • All about the Snowcem bucket
  • How we sailed the boat in extreme conditions
  • Other ocean sailing voyagers we met
  • How we jury-rigged the boat after losing their mast – and sailed on
  • How we navigated after losing their sextant mid-Pacific
  • How we stayed friends
  • And where The Aegre is today

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