Vinycomb Press

Vinycomb Press

The Voyage of The Aegre has been published by Vinycomb Press, Melbourne, Australia, in association with Left Field Editions, Ludlow, UK.

ISBN 978-0-6457639-0-4 Paperback edition

E-ISBN 978-0-6457639-1-1 Digital edition

ISBN 978-0-6457639-3-5 Audiobook

Vinycomb Press can be contacted at PO Box 2440, North Brighton, Victoria 3186, Australia.

Initially, the author of The Voyage of The Aegre, Nicholas Grainger, was only able to interest one commercial publisher (other than the vanity press). However, by then, he had around him a talented team committed to the book’s success. They decided to publish it themselves. And so Vinycomb Press came into being.

The Vinycomb Press publishing team comprises:

  • Dr Gene Carl Feldman: Editorial adviser and designer, NASA oceanographer, small boat sailor and kayaker, with a curious link to The Aegre, explained in the book. Lives near Washington, DC.
  • David Burnett, retired Gollancz publisher. Tireless and with the wisdom and network stemming from a lifetime career in publishing. Co-Principal of Left Field Editions. Based in Ludlow, UK.
  • Dr Digby James, Book designer and page maker. Based in Oswestry, UK.
  • Sandra Bell, Editorial and Marketing adviser, based in UK.
  • Shane Hammon, Graphics and design professional, based in Victoria, Australia
  • Nicholas Grainger, the author of the book, based in Melbourne, Australia.
  • The book was edited by Chris Newton, based in Gloucestershire
  • The book was printed by Gutenberg Press in Malta.
  • Distribution of the book in the UK is by Central Books and book wholesaler Gardners. In the rest of the world the books is distributed by IngramSpark and also available through Amazon.

The team is spread around the world, so they work together online.

And the name? It’s in honour of John Vinycomb, an engraver, illuminator, and heraldic designer, born in 1833. He published books such as ‘On the process for the production of ex-libris (book plates) (1894).

John Vinycomb was Nicholas Grainger’s great-grandfather.

Here is a piece of his work, a Christmas card:

John Vinycomb Christmas card

He lived near Belfast for much of his life and was recognised as a talented artist. You can read something of his life here.

John Vinycomb right with his grandchildren Ivan and Dora with their mother Sarah Johns daughter and Nicholass grandmother About 1910 Sarah may have been pregnant with Nicholass father

John Vinycomb at his desk. Nicholas has this photo on the wall beside him as he writes.

Vinycomb Press, PO Box 2440, North Brighton, Victoria 3186, Australia.

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