The Aegre – An overview

The Aegre was a Shetland Model boat, 21’6″ LOA, built in Wick (NE Scotland) in 1966 by Tom Edwardson of Unst in the Shetland Islands. She had 1/2 inch mahogany lapstrake planking and was copper fastened. She was rigged with a standing lug mainsail and jib. Initially, she had a 3/4 deck .

Nick and Julie bought her in 1972 and commissioned Scourie boatbuilder, Bob Macinness, to give her a flush whale back deck with a 2ft square hatch and cockpit.

The Aegre - LK92

Andrew Bryce

Andy Bryce, who commissioned the building of The Aegre in 1965, was an engineer from Porthmadog in Wales who came to work at the nuclear power plant near Thurso on the north coast of Scotland in the early 1960s.

In 1965 he married Elizabeth Inkster from the Shetland Islands, which led to his first Shetland boat, the Nelly Bly.

Andy tells the story of how the Nelly Bly led to The Aegre, her building and his cruises aboard her to the Orkney Islands before selling her to Nick and Julie in 1972:

  1. First, the Nelly Bly
  2. The building of The Aegre
  3. The Aegre sails the Orkney Isles
  4. Fast-forward to 2005
  5. About Shetland boats

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