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The Voyage of The Aegre

Despite the best efforts of the author, editors, proofreaders, and multiple test readers around the world, some errors remained undetected in the text when it first went to print, only to be progressively discovered subsequently.

In some cases, new information came to light after the initial printing, and this is also listed below.

The following Errata appear in the First Edition of The Voyage of The Aegre, recognisable by its fold-out maps back and front.

These Errata are also found in paperbacks bought from Amazon and Kindle eBook versions prior to February 2024.


  1. On the opening copyright page, under the E-ISBN number, add another line that reads: Audiobook ISBN 978-0-6457639-3-5
  2. On the opening copyright page, near the bottom, add beneath Line drawing…  new line: The capsize drawing on page 203 is by John Quirke
  3. Page 15, 3rd para from the bottom, ‘It was a long hard climb…. Change Lapp to Sami, also on page 16, 4th para down, Did I learn anything… change Lapp camp to Sami camp.
  4. Page 16, 2nd to bottom para, ‘ Back to school for our final year… Change Mollyhawk to Mollihawk IV, and also in the bottom paragraph, last line, change Mollyhawk to Mollihawk IV, also page 18, 2nd para down and page 19, 4th para down.
  5. On page 33, the opening quote reads, ‘He laid a good plank…… from the island of Yell in the Shetlands. ‘ It should read, ‘ He laid a good plank…… from Unst, one of the Shetland Islands… Elizabeth Bryce, Andy’s wife, herself from Shetland, thought he came from Yell. However, at the time of the book launch, I met Tom Edwardson’s son-in-law in Lerwick, who said Tom was definitely from Unst. ‘ Also correct this on page 40 and page 255.
  6. Page 34, Bottom para, Now heading out…. It currently reads, ‘Andy told us he grew up in Porthmadog in Wales and had moved to Thurso in the early 1960s…’. This is how I remember it, but according to his daughter, who contacted me in January 2024, this is incorrect. This should read, ‘Andy told us he grew up around York in north-east England and sailed extensively on the river Ouse before moving to Thurso…
  7. Page 52, ‘But sometimes…apicectomy should be spelt apicoectomy.
  8. Page 66, the map of Scotland has been revised to show that Tom Edwardson came from Unst not Yell.
  9. Page 71, ‘A rusty freighter…the rock stack, the Old Man of Stoer is north of Ullapool, not west as stated.
  10. Page 78,  6th para … ‘After three hours ….Nick would stir and should out… should be shout out…
  11. Page 86, 2nd para, ‘We’d emerge after each gale,…and the sunshine,  should be …sun would shine…
  12. Page 86, 5th para down, ‘By late in the twelfth day…4th line, …storm job should be storm jib.
  13. Page 92, 4th para up from bottom ‘They’re the aero beacons…….on the island of Port Santo, should be Porto Santo.
  14. Page 93, middle para …Hand compass bearings taken on Port Santo should be Porto Santo.
  15. Photo of Barbados party aboard The Aegre, ‘No room for late arrivals etc, Photo Briget Sass should read Brigitte Sass.
  16. Photo departing Tahiti for Rarotonga, credit should be to Bob and Sharon, yacht Restless
  17. Page 143, end of 3rd para….’The following day… then Barry Baker took over – add full stop.
  18. Page 150, 4th para, … Feeling very uneasy…Would we be able to row upwind against the steep chop the mile or more to the Yacht Club …. should read… Would we be able to row upwind against the steep chop the half mile or more to the Yacht Club….
  19. Page 154, bottom line, …’Then we set about preparing The Aegre for the sea.  Delete ‘the’, so ….preparing The Aegre for sea.
  20. Page 158, 4th para down, ‘In her diary Julie wrote… should be ‘a tin of apricot juice’ not just tin of apricot juice.
  21. Page 167, bottom para,..’Now approaching the island group…, Taha Uku Bay should read Taha Huku Bay
  22. Page 168, 3rd para down, ‘At midnight I confirmed …  last sentence… a quarter of an inch from my ear, should be half an inch from my ear.
  23. Page 171, 1st para, ‘For most travellers today…‘Tuomoto is incorrectly spelt, should be Tuomotu, also correct this misspelling on pages 185, 192, 255.
  24. Page 171, 2nd para of the main text, ‘In 1974 the Marquesas… incorrect spelling of Stephensons, should be Stevenson.  Also, correct this misspelling on Page 172
  25. Page 171, 2nd para up from bottom, ‘Bob and Sharon…replace Bob and Sharon with Andy and Amy, the crew of Marluva.
  26. Page 190, big para at the bottom of page,’ The reef at Papeete……. We followed it for about 10 miles, which should be … about 10 km …
  27. Page 199, 2nd to bottom para, ‘Back aboard we excitedly … replace yacht Marluva with yacht Restless.
  28. Page 212, 4th para down, …’On the Saturday… surrounding us in white water, not waters.
  29. Page 229, in 3rd paragraph,  …’Calm weather like this…With our cooker going again, fresh fish cooked in a little oil was but a dream… add Even, so reads Even with our cooker going again …
  30. Page 235, top paragraph, ‘To reach the Samoa group….Upolo should be spelt Upolu, also correct this misspelling on pages: 236, 239, 242 (twice), 245.

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