Notes on Chpt 13: Sailing the Grenadines and more

Notes on Chpt 13 of the Voyage of The Aegre are now available: Sailing the Grenadines; more photos; can you help? Plus the book ranked as Best Seller on Amazon.

Photo of The Aegre on the yacht club slipway near Georgetown, Grenada, January 1974
The Aegre on the yacht club slipway near Georgetown Grenada January 1974

Visit the Notes on Chapter 13 of The Voyage of The Aegre: From Scotland to the South Seas in a Shetland boat. More background, links and photos. From Barbados to Grenada where we hauled the boat out for a bottom scrub and repaint. Then on, sailing north through the Grenadine islands to Bequia. Maybe you can help me trace an Ecuadorian yacht owner and the crew of a Canadian Navy ship who greatly helped us there?

Amazon ranking

Finally, Thank you for your support. On Amazon Australia The Voyage of The Aegre was ranked ‘#1 Best Seller‘ in the Sailing (Kindle) category, and #2 in Sailing (Books) on 11 June 2024.

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See Notes on Chapter 13: Sailing the Grenadines

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