The Aegre Voyage – Notes for Chapter Two – Ardmore Adventure

Notes for Chapter Two of the book, The Voyage of The Aegre, have been added to the book website here.

The Notes give background to my first summer working at the John Ridgway School of Adventure at Ardmore, NW Scotland, during which my first ideas for The Aegre voyage started to develop.

Man beside boat
John Ridgway beside the 1966 Atlantic rowboat English Rose III

Key contributors, expanded on in the Notes with more photos, were the row across the Atlantic by John Ridgway and Chay Blyth in 1966; sailing English Rose IV, the yacht Ridgway was loaned to enter the first solo non-stop round the World race in 1968, and the experience and camaraderie of the Instructor team at the Adventure School.

You can jump straight to the Chapter Two Notes here.

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