Publishing update 5 July 2023

The book is now available in the UK/EU, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and many other countries. A Yachting World magazine review of the book will be out in mid-July.

In the UK and EU, The Voyage of The Aegre book is now available through good bookshops and online from Central Books and other online stores. In bookstores, you’ll probably have to order it until stocks arrive.

In the US and Canada, The Voyage of The Aegre is available on Amazon. There are two versions available. They have exactly the same content. One is printed in the US and is available with a local P&P fee (or Prime) and a relatively quick delivery time. The other is the original edition printed by Gutenberg Press and published in the UK. To bring that one into the USA/Canada costs much more in freight and takes longer. Check the source, freight fee and delivery time to distinguish them. The small differences between the books are detailed below. The US version is not available in the UK.

All regions have access to a Kindle version on Amazon. For less than the price of two coffees, the Kindle version has all the content, the maps, diagrams and photos.

Sorry folks, in Australia, New Zealand and many other countries, while both the UK and US versions are now available on Amazon country websites, all currently incur international freight charges, raising the price and leading to longer delivery times. I will bring into Australia a limited number of the UK version in mid-August and mail them directly to purchasers in AU and NZ. Please contact me to reserve one. We may do a short print run in Australia if there is enough interest.

In Japan, the book is available through the wonderful Kinokuniya book store.

Small differences between the US and UK versions of the book.

  • Both are 6″x 9″ paperbacks with 271 pages and have the same content, including all maps, diagrams and photographs.
  • The UK version has cover flaps that open out to reveal charts of the Atlantic and Pacific with the course of The Aegre marked. The US version doesn’t have cover flaps but has the same maps one page in at the front and back of the book.
  • The UK version is on creme paper, the US version on white paper.
  • The UK version has a sewn binding, the US version has a glued Perfect Binding.

Both are lovely books.

If you buy the book through Amazon, please post a review after you have read it. This helps the profile of the book, and more people will see it.

Yachting World magazine review of the book

Watch out in mid-July for Yachting World magazine. The August issue, out mid-July, will contain a review of the book by yachting journalist, sailor and author Tom Cunliffe in his ‘Great Seamanship’ column.

For more on The Voyage of The Aegre see the book website.

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