Publishing update 12 July 2023

Details of the Lerwick book launch, a talk where it all began 50 years ago, and all about how we measured distance run at sea aboard The Aegre.

The Voyage of The Aegre book will be launched in Lerwick, Shetland, just before the Tall Ships Festival on Tuesday, 25th July, in the Lerwick library at 5:30 pm, where I will be ‘in conversation’ with local ocean voyager Andrew Halcrow. The Shetland Times bookshop will have copies of the book on hand for sale.

I’ll be in Lerwick all week, then on Saturday 29th July, travelling to Scourie, on the west coast of Sutherland. Julie and I lived and worked in Scourie from February to July 1973 while local boatbuilder Bob Macinness decked The Aegre, and we conducted sea trials. We sailed away on 24th July 1973. Fifty years ago this month. I’ll be giving a talk on The Aegre voyage in the Scourie village hall at 7:30pm on Saturday 29th July. Iona Shaw, in Scouriemore, has copies of the book for sale. Half the proceeds from book sales in Scourie will go to the local school.

People in Scourie gave us a lot of help back in 1973, elderly local boatbuilder Bob Macinnes particularly so. He and I had many long discussions about our proposed voyage and every aspect of it, which is how he came to lend us a precious antique from his boatshed. Read about it in a new page I’ve added to the ‘Artifacts’ tab on the website about the book, titled ‘Measuring Distance Run at Sea’

Where to buy the book: in the UK from good bookshops and Central Books; in the US from Amazon. In Australia and NZ contact Nicholas Grainger

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