The Aegre Voyage website update 3 September 2023

Now that The Voyage of The Aegre has been published I’m progressively adding more background about the voyage and the book to the website.

After all these years isn’t my memory a little hazy?

One of the questions I’m asked about writing the story of The Aegre Voyage 50 years after it happened is how I managed to remember so much. Isn’t my memory a little hazy?

Part of diary written after the mid-Pacific capsize 9 Sept 1974
Part of the diary written after the mid Pacific capsize 9 Sept 1974

To answer this I’ve created a page about how I gathered materials and re-immersed myself in the story, how the book evolved and the assistance I was given. I’ve included an example of a letter home written on a long passage (one of many), old photos and a page of the log we kept after the capsize. See Writing the story after all these years.

The Cruise of The Kate

I’ve also added to the website information about an inspiring but little-known book today, The Cruise of The Kate by E E Middleton. Early in my story of The Voyage of The Aegre, I mention how I was influenced by Middleton’s account of a solo voyage around England in 1869 in an engineless flush-decked 23ft yawl.

In my opinion, it’s still as inspiring a read for the small boat sailor as when it was written 153 years ago.

The Cruise of The Kate

It’s an amazing story you can learn more about here and also see more pictures of The Kate.

To learn how you can buy the Voyage of the Aegre book please go here.

There are also reviews of the book.

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