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The Aegre sails past Varua
The Aegre sails past Varua see below departing Tahiti September 1974

At the top of Practical Boat Owner magazine’s recommended Christmas reading list, and positive reviews in the November/December issue of Wooden Boat magazine, Boating New Zealand, and the Dinghy Cruising Journal are bringing the book to a wider audience, hopefully just in time for Christmas. But personal recommendations are the best, so if you’ve enjoyed the book, please tell a friend, or better still, give them a copy!

If you’ve already read the book, you might enjoy seeing the Guestbook that we kept on The Aegre. I’ve added it to The Aegre book website. We didn’t have a proper guestbook but asked visitors to the boat to sign inside the covers of a photo album we created about The Aegre. The covers survived the capsize, more or less, and below the image of each page, I’ve listed the names I can identify. Maybe you or someone you know is there? Take a look.

If you bought the book from Amazon, please rate it or even write a few words about it. Ratings and reviews influence how Amazon positions a book and the exposure it gets. Your support will help the book. Thank you.

And Varua? Varua is the 70ft brigantine made famous by William Albert Robinson in his book ‘To The Great Southern Sea’ (Peter Davies – London, 1957) which in addition to being a great sea voyaging story, has excellent detailed appendices on every aspect of Varua and heavy weather sailing.

Chart showing the course of Varua in the Southern Ocean
The course of Varua in the Southern Ocean 1951 52

Signed copies of The Voyage of The Aegre – From Scotland to the South Seas in a Shetland Boat, are available from the book website here. It can also be purchased from Boat Books Australia, in the UK from Central Books, the Shetland Times Bookshop, Waterstones, and other good bookshops, and in the rest of the world from good bookstores and Amazon.

I appreciate your support,

Nick Grainger, November 2023

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